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#98 Enzo Ferrari (the making of an automobile empire)
November 18th, 2019 | E98

What I learned from reading Enzo Ferrari: Power, Politics, and the Making of an Automobile Empire by Luca Dal Monte.


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[0:01] Ferrari was animated by an extraordinary passion that led him to build a product with no equal

[3:52] Lee Iacocca on why Enzo Ferrari will go as the greatest car manufacturer in history: "Ferrari spent every dollar chasing perfection." 

[8:50] Business lessons from his father  

[11:47] Enzo Ferrari was not interested in school. He wanted to start working immediately. 

[16:36] The deaths of his father and brother 

[18:20] No job. No money. No connections. A young man desperate to succeed in life. 

[23:06] He learned something that he would never forget for the rest of his life: Not even the best driver had any chance of victory if he was not at the wheel of the best car

[24:20] Starting his first business which ends in bankruptcy.

[28:31] Enzo learned from those who already accomplished what he was trying to do. 

[31:10] He does the best possible job at whatever task he is given. Even if he doesn't want to do it. Enzo focuses on being useful. 

[33:35] A young Enzo Ferrari is plagued with doubts and close to a nervous breakdown. 

[38:28] The large leave gaps for the small: The start of Scuderia Ferrari. 

[49:38] Enzo Ferrari at 33 years old. 

[51:30] For Enzo Ferrari it was always day 1.

[52:33] Alfa Romeo pulls the plug/the end of Scuderia Ferrari, the birth of Ferrari.


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