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#117 : Chung Ju-yung founder of Hyundai (the most inspiring autobiography I've read)
March 26th, 2020 | E117

What I learned from reading Born of This Land: My Life Story by Chung Ju-yung.


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For a long time I was known as the bulldozer. [0:01]

How Chung’s son remembers him: He had a wonderfully positive disposition and a rigorous work ethic. [3:15]

Memories of his father + Half century of struggle + Why he is writing this book [9:25]

Running away from home. Four times. [12:15]

A different level of poverty. [15:40]

How struggle shaped his personality + Why he had to run away for the last time [17:15]

On his own + Early jobs before the birth of Hyundai [19:24]

On simple tasks + The fundamental principle of his life + Hard work paying off [21:15]

Getting into the auto repair business + More struggle + More perseverance [25:55]

Why you should emulate bedbugs. [31:00]

Hyundai Auto Service Center + Hyundai Construction + Disaster strikes again + The Korean War [33:11]

His management style + Don’t waste time if you want to be remarkable [39:30]

Go where the money is: Hyundai must go abroad to escape poor domestic conditions. [42:15]

The beginning of Hyundai Motors + Chung had only one speed: GO! That is not always a good thing. [45:57]

Ships or how a great idea starts as a small idea [53:26]

Why determination is more important than intelligence [58:10]

Find something you love to do and do it until you die. [1:06:39]

Don’t covet luxury. [1:08:49]

Be diligent. [1:15:40]

Positive thinking is the road to happiness. [1:16:48]

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