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#53 Who Is Michael Ovitz?
January 1st, 2019 | E53

What I learned from reading Who Is Michael Ovitz? by Michael Ovitz. 


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Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first give a gift [0:01]

Michael's first jobs + finding his first love [7:02]

the foul-mouthed magnates [19:49]

starting at the bottom / being hungry for knowledge [24:50]

I don't want to be standard in any way [32:30]

the revolt begins and the founding of CAA [36:05]

know the history of the industry you are in [46:30]

a warning for all entrepreneurs [53:44]

what influenced CAA's culture [59:27]

becoming the thing you hate [1:02:10]

a typical day's schedule [1:07:00]

problems with co-founders [1:11:30]

the fastest animal on the field [1:15:13]

I was tired / The end of Michael Ovitz's time at CAA [1:19:15]

Ron is gone [1:25:07]

a new beginning / meeting Marc Andreessen [1:32:00]

reconciliation [1:38:00]

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