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#69 Charles Goodyear (Rubber Monopoly)
April 28th, 2019 | E69

What I learned from reading The Goodyear Story: An Inventor's Obsession and The Struggle For A Rubber Monopoly by Richard Korman.


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An obsessive quest to find the recipe for rubber (0:01)

Charles Goodyear epitomized the spirit of the upstart American technologists (6:15)

the early life of Goodyear's family (20:10)

coming up with the idea for a domestic made only hardware store (29:00)

a crushing failure + debtor's prison (35:20)

accidentally finding his life's work (38:18)

optimism + positive mental attitude (44:30)

Patent #3633 (1:03:30)

why Charles did what he did (1:11:30)

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