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#13 Elon Musk and Why SpaceX Will Colonize Mars
August 27th, 2017 | E13

What I learned from reading The Elon Musk Blog Series: Wait But Why by Tim Urban.


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In the most recent 1% of our species short existence, we have become the first life on earth to know about the situation (4:38)

The total market for satellite manufacturing, the launches that carry them to space, and related equipment and services has ballooned from $60 billion in 2004 to over $200 billion in 2015 (8:41)

Here is what SpaceX does: it takes things to space for people for money. Here is what SpaceX really does: it is an innovation machine trying to solve one big problem. The astronomical cost of space travel (9:13)

For 1% we can buy life insurance (20:35)

Up until 25 years ago there had never been such a thing as a global brain of god like information access and connectivity on this planet (23:26)

Musk has said he doesn't care that much about your degree. Just raw talent, personality, and passion for the SpaceX mission (31:21)

For domestic launches the ULA charges the government and the US taxpayer $380 million per launch. For a similar launch, the US government pays SpaceX $133 million (40:14)

Life has to be about more than just solving problems. There have to be things that inspire you. (45:55)

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