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#118 Forty Years With Henry Ford
March 31st, 2020 | E118

What I learned by reading My Forty Years With Ford by Charles Sorensen.


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Henry Ford’s greatest achievement and his greatest failure [0:01]

Henry Ford had one, single idea [4:15]

Henry Ford’s management style [5:46]

The paradox of Henry Ford [8:27]

Henry Ford’s greatest advisor [11:30]

A great story about The Dodge Brothers [16:20]

Why and how Henry Ford bought out all of the shareholders of Ford [19:15]

Henry Ford would tell you to not divert your attention [27:15]

Henry Ford would tell you to not be afraid [28:20]

Henry Ford would tell you to be firm in what you want to accomplish but flexible in how you do it [31:45]

Why Henry Ford and The Ford Motor Company are worthy of study [36:20]

The difference between a pioneer and an expert [39:45]

Henry Ford would tell you not to worry about titles [47:40]

Henry Ford would tell you to focus on individual contact over collective speeches [49:52]

Henry Ford would tell you don't let your team grow stale [50:10]

Henry Ford would tell you that you can’t foresee everything. Even things that should be obvious. [50:50]

Henry Ford would tell you to never stop learning [51:32]

A description of Detroit and the early days of one of the most important industries ever created [55:14]

The story of the Model T: Henry ford was groping and fumbling toward a low-cost car. [59:14]


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