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#62 Benjamin Franklin (Autobiography)
March 4th, 2019 | E62

What I learned from reading The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin. 


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[0:01] Why Ben Franklin wrote an autobiography

[4:50] Ben Franklin's early education and first job 

[7:30] starting out in the printing business 

[11:00] Writing had been of great use to me in the course of my life, and was a principal means of my advancement 

[16:45] his humble arrival in Philadelphia 

[25:00] Ben Franklin's time in London 

[29:00] how the mind of Benjamin Franklin worked 

[34:30] the opportunity to start your his own business

[41:15] industry is virtuous 

[46:20] Ben understood branding 

[48:15] Ben Franklin creates the first subscription library 

[54:30] Ben Franklin's 13 virtues

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