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#72 Stan Lee (Marvel)
May 19th, 2019 | E72

What I learned from reading Excelsior! The Amazing Life of Stan Lee by Stan Lee and George Mair. 


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Marvel is a cornucopia of fantasy, a wild idea, a swashbuckling attitude, an escape from the humdrum and prosaic. It's a serendipitous feast for the mind, the eye, and the imagination, a literate celebration of unbridled creativity, coupled with a touch of rebellion and an insolent desire to spit in the eye of the dragon (1:15) 

discovering his love of reading at an early age (8:45)

accidentally finding his life's work at 17 years old / hilarious level of optimism (12:35), there is opportunity in things that other people say will rot your brain (22:30)

Stan Lee's advice on writing (26:00)

be your own biggest fan (28:00)

the turning point of Stan Lee's life (38:20) 

humans scorn the abstract (45:20)

a lesson in human nature (51:30)

the power of direct sales (55:29)

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