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#119 The Dodge Brothers
April 5th, 2020 | E119

What I learned from reading The Dodge Brothers: The Men, the Motor Cars, and the Legacy by Charles Hyde.


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This is the story of two small town machinists who became enormously successful automobile manufacturers in the early years of the auto industry [0:01]

Early life and first jobs [3:02]

Moving to Detroit: Arriving at the right place, at the right time, with the right skill set [6:28]

Horace Dodge is a gifted engineer like Henry Royce (Founders #81) was + Inventors and bicycle manufacturers [12:00]

How The Dodge Brothers first described their business [16:40]

Doing work for Ransom Olds, Founder of Oldsmobile [18:20]

Crucial decisions in the early days of the company [23:33]

In a gold rush don't dig for gold. Sell pick axes [24:44]

The Dodge Brothers almost bankrupted Ford for lack of payment [28:22]

The Dodge Brothers got very rich off of Henry Ford [33:28]

Why and how the Dodge Brothers built their own car [36:00]

Comparing The Dodge Brothers organizational structure with that of Ford and GM [41:00]

The Dodge Brothers view on advertising [43:04]

How and why they worked so well together [46:13]

A bond so tight it could only be separated by death [50:58]

Their greatest accomplishment [52:01]

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