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#46 I Love Capitalism: An American Story
November 13th, 2018 | E46

What I learned from reading I Love Capitalism: An American Story by Ken Langone. 


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His early life: there was never much money (3:30)

Ken's first jobs (5:35)

[At school] I didn't apply myself at all . I did the absolute minimum . I was too busy having fun and working at all my various jobs (12:05) 

further adventures in entrepreneurship (13:24)

Looking for work / finding excitement (17:00)

stepping out into the void / getting creative to get a job (23:50)

how he starts growing a business within the firm (26:33)

his first big break (28:50)

You treat a customer right and you never have to worry (32:00)

A lesson about human nature and developing trust (34:45)

Getting rich is one skill. Staying rich is a different skill altogether(43:10)

moral of the story: who wants it the most? (48:25)

Hubris and Redemption: Starting over (50:25)

how he started his own business (54:00)

learning about the opportunity for home depot from other founders and some early tactics to get traction for their stores (59:00)

 leave more on the table for the other guy than he thinks he should get (1:03:32)

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