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#56 The Biography of Herb Kelleher
January 22nd, 2019 | E56

What I learned from reading Nuts!: Southwest Airlines' Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success


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Reality is chaotic; planning is ordered [0:01]

Vince Lombardi is the Steve Jobs of coaches [3:48] 

how Southwest Airlines is different [11:31]

the beginning of Southwest [16:00]

fighting anticompetitive practice [24:30] 

finding a new market by doing the opposite of your competition [29:00] 

missionaries make the best products [31:00]

being forced to innovate leads to questioning assumptions which leads to finding new markets [34:00]

how Southwest became the largest liquor distributor in Texas [38:00] 

remember your fundamental reason for being and don't deviate from that [40:45]

optimize for profits, not market share [42:30]

know what you are competing with - not who [44:15] 

how having only one type of airplane gives Southwest an advantage [46:30] 

how keeping it simple saved Southwest $2 million [51:30]

know what you do best - have the discipline to stick to it [53:00] 

if you are going to be small you have to be fast [1:01:19]

the benefits of curiosity are unpredictable [1:03:45]

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