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#113 A.G. Gaston (Black Titan and the Making of a Black American Millionaire)
March 5th, 2020 | E113

What I learned from reading Black Titan: A.G. Gaston and the Making of a Black American Millionaire by Carol Jenkins and Elizabeth Gardner Hines


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The grandson of slaves, born into poverty in 1892 in the Deep South, A. G. Gaston died more than a century later with a fortune worth well over $130 million [0:01]

A 10 year old’s first business idea [5:35] 

A.G. finds a blueprint to follow: A.B. Loveman [9:00]

The remarkable story of Carrie Tuggle and The Tuggle Institute [12:10]

The influence of Booker T. Washington [13:35]

The power of positive examples [15:27]

Joining the army for discipline and opportunity / Lessons from World War I [18:32]

Keep your eyes open. Study the people around you. How do they live? What makes them tick? What do they need? [25:05]

A. G. Gaston was relentless [27:20]

The parallels between Andrew Carnegie and A. G. Gaston [30:26]

Exhausted, depressed, and hopeless right before his big breakthrough [33:38]

And thus these poor devils keep themselves always underBenjamin Franklin  / Both Benjamin Franklin and A. G. Gaston valued industry and frugality [38:00]

A fundamental change in philosophy for a young entrepreneur [44:30]

A.G. starts a funeral insurance company / Inspiration from the life of Booker T. Washington [46:40]


Personality: Focus on only on what you can control and have a bias for action [54:00]

A.G. starts The Booker T. Washington Business College to help train potential employees [56:00]

A.G’s singular focus is on mastering his craft [57:50]

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