Ben Horowitz (Opsware & Andreessen Horowitz)

Lessons about building companies from Ben Horowitz's book: The Hard Thing About Hard Things.

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Episode outline

0:01 There's no recipe for complicated, dynamic situations

8:30 Meeting Marc Andreessen

11:00 Marc and Ben

13:45 How they come up with the idea for Loudcloud (Opsware) / A business is just an idea that will make someone's life better. —Richard Branson

21:05 Ben finds value by asking the question: What would I do if we went bankrupt?

22:30 Sell the wrong product to find the right one

23:16 Saving a $20 million a year customer by buying a $10 million company

27:27 Do not play the odds

28:32 Discount praise. Focus on what can be fixed

31:20 Why training is so important (compounding effect)

32:00 Difference between large company executives and founders

34:00 Why it is a good idea to collect good ideas

35:30 Determination is more important than intelligence

38:24 Your culture should be unique / Using shock to create behavioral change

40:30 There is no founder school

41:01 Perseverance is more important than intelligence

46:50 Copy from great founders

David Senra