Danny Lewin (Akamai Technologies)

3:00 When Danny was excited about something, you couldn't help but get excited too

6:00 Steve Jobs had one speed: GO!  

10:00 Danny joins Israel's special forces

19:00 Life is too short to be bored. Only boring people are bored

22:00 The idea for Akamai  

28:00 If he didn't know something he would go learn it

31:00 Building a company the right way

35:00 Finding a business model

38:30 Passion is worth $500,000

42:00 The first product

44:00 My goal was to express it in layman's terms so that your grandmother could understand it

45:00 Finding the right price/model

48:10 The best salesperson

54:00 Hi, this is Steve Jobs, and I want to buy your company

57:00 I have this company of one hundred ten people, headed by one of the biggest businessmen around with lots of money in the bank, and I'm just a graduate student.

58:30 In less than one year, a tiny startup out of MIT had grown to a company with a market valuation than that of General Motors

1:00:00 The last day of Danny's life

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David Senra