David Packard (Hewlett-Packard)

(0:01) How Steve Jobs was inspired by David Packard.

(1:00) Books are the original hyperlinks.

(4:30) Profit is the measure of how well we work together. 

(9:00) HP's first product.

(11:00)  Podcasts before podcasts.

(14:00) Many of the things I learned in this process were invaluable, and not available in business schools.

(15:00) More businesses die from indigestion than starvation.

(16:30) The importance of maintaining a narrow focus.

(20:00) Growth from profit.

(21:00) Lessons from the Great Depression = No long term debt. 

(26:30) A maverick's persistence. 

(29:00) How to avoid layoffs in a recession.

(30:20) Employees should outgrow you. 

(31:00) The perils of centralization.

(35:25) Closing with optimism. 

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