Dee Hock (Visa)

Learning about the life of Dee Hock through his book One From Many: VISA and the Rise of Chaordic Organization

Ideas discussed in this podcast:

Walking away at the pinnacle of success was the hardest thing I have ever done (0:01), Through the years, I have greatly feared and sought to keep at bay the four beasts that inevitably devour their keeper – Ego, Envy, Avarice, and Ambition. In 1984, I severed all connections with business for a life of isolation and anonymity, convinced I was making a great bargain by trading money for time, position for liberty, and ego for contentment – that the beasts were securely caged. (4:14), Visa was little more than a set of unorthodox convictions about organization slowly growing in the mind of a young corporate rebel (9:03), Dee's first jobs (21:44), learning how mechanistic, Industrial Age organizations really function (28:17), Useful questions to ask in your organization (34:30), A failure at 36 years old (38:33), The environment from which Visa emerged (46:41), Healthy vs Unhealthy Organizations (55:19), Focus on how your product or company "ought to be" and nothing else. (57:30), I had held fast to the notion that until someone has repeatedly said "no!" and adamantly refuses another word on the subject, they are in the process of saying "yes" and don't know it yet. –Dee Hock (1:03:55), His biggest regret: The fight against duality (monopoly) (1:04:35), How Dee Hock dealt with stress (1:07:00), His biggest regret: The fight against duality (monopoly) continued (1:09:52), Dee's surprising conclusion about his work (1:16:50)

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