Elon Musk Part 2: How Tesla Will Change The World

7:02 At the time he was already running SpaceX and trying to colonize Mars, so launching a startup car company wasn't something he could really fit into his calendar.

10:43 The overarching mission wasn't to build the biggest car company in the world.

15:06 "If a little company in California can do this, why can't we?" —Bob Lutz, Chairman of GM

21:05 The moment the person leading a company thinks numbers have value in themselves, the company is done. The moment the CFO becomes the CEO it is done. Game over.

31:28 A study of Tesla isn't about a car or a car company. It is about how change happens. And about why it often doesn't happen.

37:41 Change doesn't happen on a familiar landscape. Change has to construct the landscape itself.

40:41 That's how to spread the brainwaves of a single person throughout a huge industry and the global public. By the time it's done everyone will think a lot about electric cars.

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David Senra