George Lucas (Lucasfilm, Pixar, THX & Industrial Light and Magic)

George Lucas was a benevolent dictator who changed the way movies were filmed, edited, financed, and merchandised. Lucas made billions of dollars investing in what he believed in most: himself.

0:01 Lucas unapologetically invested in what he believed in the most: himself.

1:15 The book I want to talk to you about today: George Lucas: A Life by Brian Jay Jones

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6:22 Learning from fictional characters. 

7:17 A desire to do something in a way no one had ever thought of before.

9:34 The start of his 2nd life.

15:49 The USC Mafia 

19:04 He knew how to do it, and he was going to make sure everyone knew that he knew.

24:11 George Lucas' first job in the film industry 

25:05 "You know, maybe I want to be a director. I don't want people to tell me what to do."

27:07 Meeting Francis Ford Coppola 

31:49 Lucas finds his inspiration, his eventual business model and modus operandi

40:07 The Founding of Lucasfilm 

42:21 "And that was really the birth of Star Wars. It was only a notion up to then. At that point, it became an obligation!"

47:45 Like climbing a mountain

57:38 Stay Small. Be the best. Don't lose money.

1:00:18 His most important decision ever. 

1:12:48 "How many people think the solution to gaining quality control , improving fiscal responsibility , and stimulating technological innovation is to start their own special effects company? But that's what he did." –Ron Howard

1:17:50 Control the funding and you control the % of the profits.

1:22:02 The ideas for Pixar, Skywalker Ranch, & THX. 

Read George Lucas: A Life

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