James Dyson (Dyson Company)

0:01 I am a creator of products, a builder of things

13:30 The best kind of business is one where you can sell a product at a high price with a good margin, and in enormous volumes.

16:00 One sentence summary of this book: Difference, and retention of total control

20:00 Misfits are not born or made; they make themselves

24:30 The parallels of running and building companies

30:00 People who inspired him

34:00 I am only celebrating my stubbornness. I am claiming nothing but the virtues of a mule.

43:00 When selling something new, do not mix your messages. Consumers can not understand multiple new ideas

47:00 Entrenched professionals are always going to resist more than private consumers

55:00 Don't make your products too wide. Narrow it down

1:02:01 The "Edisonian Principle of Development" 

1:15:00 Total control is what this whole thing had been about

1:18:00 James' Design Philosophy

1:31:00 If you make something, sell it yourself

1:33:00 James' Business Philosophy

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