Levi Strauss (Levi Strauss & Co)

0:01 Levi was one of the men who set that firm foundation 

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17:35 I do not have at this time a specific occupation...I will share the fate that has been assigned to me 

22:29 Enduring hardship for the ultimate goal 

29:24 A hole in the market 

42:00 Levi starts his business cold 

54:18 The dangers of shipping by sea 

1:04:42 Inventing Jeans by accident 

1:10:00 Overnight success 20 years in the making 

1:17:40 How Levi was able to serve customers who were illiterate or spoke another language

Read the book: Levi Strauss: The Man Who Gave Blue Jeans to the World

If you would rather listen to the book you can get two free audiobooks by trying Audible

David Senra