Paul Allen (Microsoft)

The life of Paul Allen as told through the book Idea Man: A Memoir by the Cofounder of Microsoft.

Ideas discussed in this podcast:

I was 21 years old and at loose ends (0:01), how Paul Allen works (4:09), coming up with the idea for Microsoft (4:48), admiring Bill Gates' bravado (7:56), advice from his father: do something you love (12:30), "Paul is an 'enthusiast' and when in the grip of an enthusiasm is almost totally irresponsible in other areas. How can one help such a student to see the error of his ways ? I don't know. He could even be more right than we, who knows ?" (18:30), Going deep on subjects that interested him (20:56), Paul's first jobs (24:14), Paul Allen and Bill Gates first business (26:44), New Mexico and the start of Microsoft (31:37), We were certain that the tech establishment was wrong and we were right (34:40), Unequal cofounders (37:29), Starting to grow Microsoft (39:00), Unequal cofounders part two (41:00), Early Microsoft culture: When I talk about the early days at Microsoft, it's hard to explain to people how much fun it was.( 46:43) Turning down a millions of dollars from Ross Perot (53:37), Unequal cofounders part 3 (56:54), The deal that led to Microsoft becoming the largest tech company of its day (58:00), Health crisis and Paul Allen leaves Microsoft (1:05:30), His most important realization (1:09:27), How Paul makes $75 million from AOL (1:13:00), I start from a different place , from the love of ideas and the urge to put them into motion and see where they might lead (1:18:10)

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