Walt Disney #2 (The Walt Disney Company)

0:01 He seemed eager to sum up the lessons he had learned and tell people how he applied them in his life. 

1:00 Walt Disney: An American Original by Bob Thomas

5:32 He worked long hours over drawings in his room. Never revealing a project until he completed it. 

9:34 Walt Disney's first business. (Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists)

13:30 Walt Disney's second business. (Laugh-O-Gram Films) 

17:03 Walt Disney's third business. (The Walt Disney Company) 

21:08 "Should the idea or name be exploited in any other way, such as toys or merchandise we shall share equally." / Jeff Bezos on the importance of sleep 

25:31 Committees throttle creativity 

33:48 It is normal to doubt yourself when you are creating something. Walt Disney doubted the quality of Steamboat Willie. What would go on to be one of the most famous cartoons ever created. 

37:10 People don't know what is good until the public tells them. (Or how to get film distributors to come to you) 

42:06 The power of licensing Disney characters 

47:17 Advice from Charlie Chaplin 

52:29 You can't top pigs with pigs 

57:42 A most unusual response to financial calamity 

1:00:53 The Army takes over Disney's studio 

1:04:00 An amazing meeting with the founder of Bank of America 

1:09:30 Coming up with the idea for Disneyland 

1:18:00 Maniacal focus on the customer

1:22:30 Disneyland prints money 

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