In case you have stumbled upon this website and want to know what you would get out of listening to Founders, here are some reviews from listeners.

A kale smoothie for your brain.
— The Best Commute
5 stars for the content alone. The host grabs relevant parts of the book and discusses it in detail. If you’re a fan of the 80/20 rule then this podcast is for you.
— Jon
Presenter does a great job at breaking down key points of the biography. He elaborates with such clarity, helps you understand the entrepreneur mindset and intentions in business. Highly recommend!
— CJ
David I think you underestimate the power this podcast has on its listeners. You have brought life to some of the biographies that I have admittedly picked up and put down over the past few years. There’s always so much to take away from every single episode. There is 4 to 5 episodes I have even listened to more than 3 times.
— TK Gondo
Love the podcast. So much learning from super successful founders. Very interesting.
— Faizan
Great insights and summaries on business founders. Every podcast is filed with useful information, wise words and great ideas. Well read, interesting and easy to follow along.
— Chris
This podcast is awesome. Really interesting to hear all the points in books you found interesting. Keep it up! Can’t wait for the next episode.
— Sandra
Such a great podcast. I’m never disappointed by the content and find myself binge listening to episodes. Highly recommend.
— Big Grego
You have a great podcast here. I love it
— Patrick
This podcast is awesome. Really interesting to hear all the points in books you found interesting. No other podcast really breaks it down and connects the dots. I love the long format and for the first time ever I look forward to every Monday. Keep it up!
— Rxer
I really enjoy these! Keep up the great work. From New Zealand.
— David
I love how he doesn’t just attempt to summarize all these lessons from the books but only highlights what he finds interesting. I also love his authenticity and style. Overall, I’d highly recommend listening to this!
— Vince
Such a great podcast to reflect on and be inspired by especially on my work commute.
— Pete
I wrote Fortran in 1967. Helped start Apple in Europe in 1980. This podcast is great.
— Jack
Founders is the podcast that does the book report for you. As a person thinks they’re too busy (likely lying to myself), this is a perfect way to get the nuggets of gold helpful books provide. You’d be an idiot not to listen to at least one episode.
— One Planet
The production value is no Radio Lab but the content is excellent. Great idea for a podcast!! I don’t miss an episode.
— J Rogers
This is quickly becoming one of my favorite new podcasts! As an aspiring entrepreneur and avid biography lover I’m so excited to finally have a podcast which bridges the gap for me. I love the way Founders gives you the highlights of the careers and lives of great men. Yet also manages to stay out of the weeds thus making the best use of your time. Subscribe and even become a patron, you won’t regret it.
— Harp and Clay
The most important podcast right now.
— Oli
Founders is clearly created by someone that listens to a lot of podcasts and wants to craft a fine listening experience. He aims to bring out what he finds interesting about the great entrepreneurs in history and our time. Simply executed and to the point.
— Mobious
Came for Elon Musk. Subscribed for the rest!
— Chevy
Super stoked on this podcast! If I could give you all the money in the world to record the podcast 24 hours a day...I would.
— Emendenhalle
This podcast is great. I’ve been listening to it everyday since I found it. Was getting worried there might be no more episodes - so glad to see a new one uploaded this morning. Keep it going!
— Paul
I love learning from business leaders and I love this podcast because it makes it easy to learn something new regularly. Can’t recommend it enough!
— Berg
Amazing information and inspiring for all entrepreneurs everywhere. Cheers!
— Tony
I thoroughly enjoyed the Leonardo di Vinci episode. Your areas of focus were thoughtful and effortlessly articulated. Looking forward to hearing more Founders episodes. Thank you!
— D Woods