Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

1:25 Microsoft had offered Mark between $1 million and $2 million to go work for them. Amazingly, Mark had turned them down

8:01 Maybe he knew he was about to cross a line. But he had never been very good at staying in the lines. From Mark's history it was obvious that he didn't like the sandbox. He seemed the type of kid that wanted to kick out all the sand.

11:23 He didn't care what time it was. To guys like Mark time was another weapon of the establishment. The great engineers and hackers didn't function under the same time constraints as everyone else.

14:36 Mark wondered: If people want to go online and check out their friends couldn't they build a website that did just that?

21:19 Mark. Founder. Master and Commander. Enemy of the State.

24:20 Instead of attacking Baylor head on they made a list of schools within 100 miles of it and dropped Facebook in those schools first. Within days the kids at Baylor begged for Facebook on their campus.

32:38 Mark Zuckerberg had found his place in the world

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David Senra